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Ryan Lashlee

It amazes my the amount of people out there who think Twitter is full of people telling each other exaclty what they are doing at any one point in time.
Truth is, it's more than that. It'd only take 140 characters for them to realise that.

About Ryan


My name is Ryan.

This is my site. I am a professional trustee, a teacher, an artist, photographer, and a web site designer. I encourage you to pass my site on to your family and friends.

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  • Ever since having to run the 2k run around the school each term, and multiple times during Cross Country season, [...]

  • So a relatively new revelation in the online photography world is camera photos. As if out of nowhere, it has appeared [...]

  • So... its time to put up some rock and roll [...]

  • On a photoshoot we captured this single moment in the sand, where the waves of [...]

My day to day life. My thoughts, actions and words. I try and be as honest as I can, and document the major events in my life.

In the past I used to keep a regular journal of life. However, with more and more things taking up my time, writing a blog has become once in a while event. I usually keep it to the major events in my life.

Blog Archive


Every now and then I capture a piece of life from a place I have been and the people I have met. More often than not, my photography explores place and location rather than the people that inhabit it. It serves as a captured memory. Some photos I use to get inspiration for my artworks, but most of them are beginning to hold their own place in my personal gallery.

The majority of my photos are taken with my cellphone camera, although with the advent of iPhone photography coupled with the many apps available to edit and improve photos on-the-go, I have begun using my iPhone more and more often for photography. The main reason for this is actually the fact that I have it on me all the time.

Please check out the gallery to the right which has some of the photos from my Gallery account.


Other places to find my photos:

The Protection Book

  • My mission is dedicated to helping my family, my friends, children, other families, and those that are motivated with the same goals.

    These are just my initial thoughts and feelings about helping others...

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We try to please... is another development website of mine. My efforts as an artist, photographer, and a web site designer must be diversified. I need to try new things in new ways. I encourage you to pass my various websites on to your family and friends.

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